• The Tyler's Place Podcast
    June 1st, 2017
    Hosted by Bro. Maynard Edwards, 32°, each episode offers a variety of topics on Masonry; like interviews with interesting and inspiring people, historical facts and insights, and tips, tricks and life-hacks for the modern Mason. And The Tyler’s Place podcasts are short enough to listen to while you’re driving to work, headed to a lodge meeting, or just relaxing at home. Click Here to Listen!
  • Welcome to our new website
    May 14th, 2015
    The Palm Springs Scottish Rite has a new website! We are excited to launch the new look and hope everyone enjoys it. Feel free to browse through our new and improved website for more information on the Palm Springs Scottish Rite.
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Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite Orient of California, Southern Jurisdiction, USA


Thank you for joining us at our November meeting and welcoming our newest members. It was another great evening. It is always a pleasure to witness new Masters of the Royal Secret receive their cap and ring.

Our next meeting is on December 16 at 7:30 (Dinner 6:30). It will be the last meeting of 2015 and it is sure to be great, we plan to present the 6th Degree prior to the Stated Meeting. At this last meeting of the year we will try some-thing new. We will make this a dinner to remember please where something holiday festive or your favorite “ugly sweater”. Thanks in advance to everyone who will be participating.

Thank you,
Shane DaCosta, 32°
Venerable Master