• Stan & Bobbie Gold RiteCare Childhood Language Center Rededication 

    May 23rd, 2018

    Please join us for this historic Rededication Ceremony of our RiteCare Childhood Language Center where we are “Giving the Gift of Speech, One Voice at a Time™ ”. Scheduled for June 10th, 4pm.

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    May 9th, 2018

    The Valley of Palm Springs Annual Hawaiian Luau Party is less than 3 weeks away! Best value in town for $15.00! Open to Masons, Friends and Family. Vegetarian Egg Rolls - Pot Stickers - Sweet n Sour Chicken - Teriyaki Chicken - Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce - Rice - Island Fruit Salad - Cherry Dump Cake - Soda - Beer - Wine.

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Greetings from the East - December 2014

Our November gathering had all the ingredients required for a Stated Meeting of The Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. A large turn-out. Good Food. Good Fellowship. An informative speaker, all capped off with an Excellent round of Fund Raising for our Childhood Language and Learning Center!!

As always, Dianne and her crew from British Invasion Catering did a great job. Dinner was a complete sell-out!! I recom-mend you make your dinner reservations early for our December Stated Meeting. Arman Ordian, 32° PVM arranged for our evenings' speaker, Vicki Mariger. Vicki is the Executive Director for Atria Palm Desert. An upscale community for Independent Living as well as Assisted Living. Their unique services and amenities are second to none in this market. I urge you to call Vicki if you have an interest. Please see me for the contact information or visit www.atriapalmdesert.com.

It was my pleasure to announce to our members, guests, visitors and family that Brother Imanuel Eisendle, 32°, Worshipful Master of Palm Springs Masonic Lodge #693, F&AM, and his lovely wife Ulli, over this past summer, while they were in Austria, asked for and received donations from our Austrian Friends in the amount of $2,407.00!! Thank you very much Worshipful Eisendle for arranging this special donation. It was duly noted these funds were to be used exclusively for the salaries of our professional speech therapists of our Childhood Language and Learning Center.

The fun didn't stop there, not at all!! Dustin Murphy, 32°, Worshipful Master of Fontana Lodge #653 (For the second time) put out a challenge to match any Brother's $500 donation, dollar-for-dollar. Illustrious Stan Gold, 33° accepted the challenge and Boom! Another $1,000!! Then, our General Secretary, Robert Jacob, 32° KCCH put up another $500 and that generous donation was promptly matched by Worshipful Murphy!! That's $2,000. Thank You!!

All told, during the final quarter of 2014 our Brethren and their supporters brought in donations from the above PLUS, our Murder at the Haunted Tiki Hut, The Feast of Tishri and Brother Bernard Shannon 32° thru his 8th Annual Community Clinic. By my count, well over $9,000.

Please, as we enter 2015, support these great events and fundraisers. Many Brethren and others spend more hours than you will ever know in support of our charity, The Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Childhood Language and Learning Center. I am certain Shane DaCosta 32° and his Line of Officers will continue the good work we have accomplished. Please support them with the same zeal.

On a personal note, I would like you to know that it has been my Honor to serve as The Venerable Master of such an august group as The Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for 2014. Thank you for your support. Thank you for the opportunity. It has been an experience I will never forget!

Happy Holidays!!
Happy New Year!!

Kurt Handshuh, 32°
Venerable Master

Greetings from the East - May 2014


I'm happy to report our Masonic Year is progressing in an upbeat and positive fashion!! Our newest Masons of the Royal Secret are participating in our Rituals, attending our meetings and showing up at our events. At our April Stated meeting, Brothers Donald Heath, 32° KCCH and Kevin Day, 32°KCCH representing The Supreme Council, gave an interesting and informative talk following another, in my humble opinion, exceptional dinner!!

Nick Seneca, 32° Jr. Warden, held his first Albert Pikes Circle in April. It was well attended by both our newest members and our more seasoned members. It's not a class as much as a discussion group. The topic was "The Fourth Degree". If you do not recall what happened in your 4th. Degree may I recommend you participate in the next Albert Pike Circle. I appreciate Brother Nick upholding the tradition of our Scottish Rite University of Freemasonry.

Our Valley of Palm Springs Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry Childhood Language and Learning Center hosted an Open House on Sunday, April 27th. Many of our brethren and their guests took time out of their day to drop in and check out our facility. President Jens Petersen, 32° PVM and the volunteers made everyone feel welcome. I'm told several generous donations were pledged at the event!! Glad to hear it and Thank you!!

Also, we have planned a fundraiser to benefit our Scottish Rite Childhood Language and Learning Center. "A Murder At The Haunted Tiki Hut" a mystery party dinner is set to take place on Saturday, June 28th. Dinner and a show at our Masonic Center in Palm Springs. You will find details inside this issue of "The Voice". This limited seating event will have lots of food and loads of fun!! Make your reservations quickly before it sells out!! This special event will be our only meeting for the month of June.

Lastly, please remember to make your reservations for our May Dinner and Stated Meeting.

Illustrious Mert Gayler, 33° and Illustrious Charlie Ash, 33° are going to prepare their annual BBQ Steak Dinner. Along with an excellent meal, we will be presenting our newest Scottish Rite Masons their Caps and Rings. This will be a special evening including guest speakers from our Childhood Language and Learning Center!!

As usual, please make your reservations as soon as possible. There's much preparation to be done. Illustrious Mert and Charlie will be donating their talent and your Donation of $15 per dinner goes in to our Childhood Language and Learning Center!!
I look forward to seeing and greeting all my brethren on the 28th.

Kurt Handshuh, 32°
Venerable Master

Greetings from the East - April 2014

The first quarter of our Masonic year is already behind us! It is amazing how quickly the time passes!!

The Scottish Rite Regional Work-shop in Portland, Oregon attended by Brother Jr. Warden Nick Seneca, 32° and I provided many valuable lessons. We are implementing several of the ideas right away. It has always been my goal since becoming Venerable Master to increase membership and to engage our members. The Workshop provided several "Tools" to accomplish these goals.

Regarding increasing membership, I am pleased and proud to inform you that our Palm Springs Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Valley is sending five candidates to the Spring Reunion in San Bernardino on April 12, 2014. The Master Masons receiving their degrees are Broth-ers Brian Tremblay, Shaun Johnson Jr., Sharam Farshardfar, Rudy Velasco, Charles J. Lueras and Alan Franks. The reason you may not recognize every name, yet, is due to the fact we are attracting members from several Blue Lodges within our Division and beyond including Coachella Lodge #496, Fontana Lodge #653 and Palm Springs Lodge #693.

I'd like to thank our Secretary and Scottish Rite Valley "Ambassador at Large", Robert Jacob, 32° KCCH for his extraordi-nary efforts greeting many newly raised Brethren and inviting them to join us!! Well Done!! When you see and meet our newest Scottish Rite Masons please greet them and confirm how pleased we are to have them as members of our Valley. It is one of my goals that each Brother should have a positive and meaningful experience with us!!

On Engaging the Brethren, I would like to once again personally thank our members who participated in The Celebration Of Remembrance & Renewal. Under the leadership of Brother Nick Seneca, 32° and Brother Bernard Shannon, 32°

The Knights Rose Croix, Brothers Robert Jacob, 32° KCCH, Arman Ordian, 32° PVM, Shane DaCosta, 32°, Imanuel Eisendle, 32°, Michael Powell, 32° KCCH PVM, and Dan Oates, 32° did a fantastic job! I especially appreciate the Brothers who were willing to step up for the first time and participate in our ceremony. These brethren were willing to invest the time and do what it takes to make the evening special for all attending. Bravo!!

My Brothers, the combination of our newest members involvement, together with our more "Experienced" members taking on new roles and new responsibilities, is moving our Valley forward with a new found strength and unity!!
If you are aware of any brother seeking "Further Light", please let them know what we are all about!! I look forward to seeing and greeting all my Brethren and Guests at our Stated Meeting on April 23rd.

Kurt Handshuh, 32°
Venerable Master

Greetings from the East - March 2014


Our new Ma-sonic year is now in high gear! Our dinner meetings have been out-standing and I am pleased to report atten-dance is up... Way up!! Additionally we have several brothers stepping in and accepting new responsibilities for The Valley of Palm Springs and our An-cient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

In addition to Brother Michael Powell, 32° KCCH, PVM accepting the position of Assistant to The PR, William Grant (Bill) Lightner 32° agreed to be the Orator for The Lodge of Perfection. Bill is doing fantastic work filling the shoes of our recent past Orators, Brothers David Essex, 32° and Jeffrey Huffman 32° KCCH (Deceased). Which brings me to Brother Bernard Shannon, 32° who has agreed to sit in the East as our new Wise Master - Chapter of Rose Croix. Bernard will join our Junior Warden, Nick Seneca, 32° (and others) and present our Annual Celebration of Remembrance and Renewal. In this ceremony, we remember those Brethren who have journeyed on to the "Celestial Lodge" above, those Brothers with whom we have shared the beauty and grandeur of Masonry. I strongly urge all our members to attend our celebration of remembrance for their lives!

I also want to mention Brother James "Jens" Petersen, 32° PVM who has accepted the office of President of our "Palm Springs Scottish Rite Childhood Language & Learning Center". As you can see we have many new faces that are accepting new responsibilities for our Valley. Also, there are still many opportunities left for you to get involved! If you are interested in participating "Please let me know". It will be my pleasure in assisting you with finding a committee or responsibility that piques your individual interests, while in turn, making our Valley Stronger.

Please mark your calendars now for our upcoming Special Events. Celebrating The Craft on May 17th and our Annual Feast of Tishri on October 18, 2014. These are two exceptional events, and I will have more information to follow. Stay tuned!!
Our March dinner meeting is shaping up to be one of our best this year, so "Make Your Dinner Reservations" at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by contacting Jens Petersen directly at (760) 200-9366. I look forward to seeing and greeting all my Brethren On March 26th! Dinner begins promptly at 6:30.

Please, don't be late, as I'll be looking forward to seeing you all!!

Kurt Handshuh, 32°
Venerable Master

Greetings from the East - February 2014


We are off to a great start for 2014!! Our Installation evening was a success by any measure!! We enjoyed, in my opinion, one of the better meals ever served in our Masonic Center! Plus, the piano player was extraordinary with his ability to "Tickle the Ivory's"! (A conservative perspective - for a Master)

Then, on to "The Main Event". The Annual Installation of Officers for The Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite. My Fraternal gratitude to our Installation Team! Illustrious Mark Gibson, 33°, Personal Representative of The Sovereign Grand Inspector General as The Installing Officer.

Michael Powell, 32° KCCH, PVM and now Assistant to The PR (My Highest Admiration) as The Master of Ceremonies and David Essex, 32° as The Installing Chaplain. Well Done, my Brothers, well done. I've personally never been a witness to such a "Well Tuned Ceremony!!The newly installed officers from The Lodge of Perfection, Chapter of Rose Croix, Council of Kadosh and The Consistory assure me they are up to the task of moving our Valley forward in 2014!

The new President for our Childhood Language and Learning Center, James "Jens" Petersen, 32° PVM has already presided over his first Board Of Directors meeting. I can confirm there are big plans on the horizon both for Events and Fund Raising!! With the able assistance of our volunteers, it appears we will be in a position to help many more children and keep the waiting list for our services to a minimum and hopefully, retire it completely!

On a personal note, many of my Brethren and their guests met my family during the installation. "Thank you" for showing them our best Masonic Hospitality! It was a night my family will always fondly remember!!

I look forward to seeing and greeting all my Brethren at our next meeting, on February 26, dinner's at 6:30 pm meeting at 7:30pm. I hope to see you all at both!!

Kurt Handshuh, 32°
Venerable Master